Sunday, December 21, 2008

The thing about snow

The thing about snow, a lot of snow, means you are stuck at home. And if you have been ready for christmas for a few weeks, it means you have lots of time on your hands. Then you take your hands and make multiple updates to your blog because it fills a little of the time...and you take pictures to show other people because it fills a little bit more time....
This is Daisy Cat who loves to sleep in this cupboard-but doesn't like to be interupted by a bored person-
This is the house across the street that a bored person could have fun looking at and chuckling every morning because the inflateables have deflated-
This is what a lot of snow looks like in the back yard, look closely and you will see even more falling.
This is what the lovely snow we do to an unsuspecting fabric gazebo that bored people should have taken down before the "BIG STORM OF '08"-
OH NO-poor thing-

Now it is only a memory of a cute salvaged table, brightly painted chairs and twinkle lights.

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annaliese said...

ah! I was laughing until I came to the last two photos--oh dear--that does not look salvageable!

thanks for stopping by...