Monday, March 16, 2009

Last week-lots of photos!!

Went to see this production on Sunday afternoon with Amy- it was amazing! I want to go to more shows!!

Then off to Cannon Beach with Gary for a three night stay with plenty of time for relaxing and reconnecting. We go each year for our anniversary and stay at the same place, same room #10 one block from the beach. Hit snow in the pass-
Had to have a talk with Gary about how to share a bed. You would think after 28 years he would know to stay on his side! This photo was taken at 1 am with no lights on, didn't want to wake him. Slept in the chairs until he woke up. They are really comfy by the way-
I love how Gary's eyes scrunch up when he smiles big-

And that sweet guy took my grandma's wedding ring from the 1920's in and had it sized so that it would fit my ring finger. He says he likes it better than the one we got way back when. So sweet-
We had some projects to do before the open house on Sunday to view the new kitchen.
The broken gazebo had to come down-

Bulletin board made from one of the old kitchen drawers-

Gary made a clock from the old ceiling fan but I forgot to take a picture of it!
We hung new pictures at a local coffee shop-
Made a garland out of coffee filters, tissue papers and old papers-

Got a new 5 phone system for the house and upgraded our cell phone-

On Friday we saw Magenta Children's Theater production of a Midsummers Night's Dream.
DD- Amy was cast as the Queen of the fairies, shown here with the King-
and in a close up to show off her make-up-

Sunday afternoon brought some relief from the rain and friends to come visit!
This is Janene and Patrick and their aunt Teri hanging out in the kitchen, probably talking about the trip to Paris-
and good stuff to eat-
Showing off my new cookbook full of "our favorites" that matches the kitchen-
Dear friend Teri, looking sooo good-
Today...I read a book....


Teri Leigh said...

Love the picture of us. Your party was fun, thanks for inviting me.

annaliese said...

Happy Anniversary to you! :)

so sad that I could not be at your open house, but so look forward to being nosy and popping in over there some day! it looks so great from the photos.

oh! and I am super excited to see Amy in MID on Thurs!!

thanks for stopping by...