Saturday, March 21, 2009

Remember the test?

Remember the post that was a test? Feb. 25th ?

Well...he finally responded but he needed a prompt and whine from me about never reading my blog. Oh he said he reads it, maybe one or two things by my calculation. He didn't realize he could go back a page and see other stuff. So maybe now he will check in more than once a month. I did ask how often he goes to his friend's blog and was told at least once a week and mine? Maybe once a month...just goes to show....

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annaliese said...

I understand. My hubby will check in on mine every once in a while, but had never commented before the anniversary post last week--made me so excited, though, when he did :)

such fun seeing you last night--what a nice evening out!

just peeking at your cheerful blog makes me smile, by the way. :)

thanks for stopping by...