Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craft day

Today I had a few friends over to craft. I had originally planned a Valentine's making time but some of us didn't need any and just did other stuff. It was a good time of sharing talents, our lives and some yummy eats. I need to take some photos of stuff I worked on but wanted to share anyway.

This is a photo of the girls...Jodi, Teri and Janene.
Teri and I-
Janene and I-
Jodi and I-
Janene is drawing a great rendition of the flower on the printed paper-
Teri is adding color to her art journal-
Tropical fruit scones -Lunch was Peruvian Chicken Ragout and homemade Naam bread-
and cuppa cakes for dessert-
oh and some M&M's and dark chocolate chips.... because you can't craft well without chocolate!

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