Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder-

Well all I can say for myself is that my emotions have been up and done and the voices in my head have been very loud so I had gone into seclusion...
But I am crawling back out and that is good. I have a new focus and am ready to put all that behind me.

We started our vacation out by going to see this:
We loved it and 3-D at Cinetopia is awesome. We took in the flick in the living room theater-the only way to Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's creativity. Hey, we even bought the first season of 21 Jumpstreet just because we used to love watching it.
Then our little getaway in Bend...when you travel with a photographer on a nice day and he says can we take the scenic route? Beware-a three hour trip can turn into 7 hours! It was a lovely day though and I had bought a gizmo to play the ipod in the car so whatever. And we found some stuff for photos that made Gary's best friend jealous he wasn't along so that was great. Lots of sleeping in a great room and one of us enjoyed tremendous breakfasts made to order! We really did have a grand relaxing time.

Then the day after we got home, after filling the car with gas the transmission gave out. At least it waited until we got the next few days were spent hunting down transportation and taking out a loan from the bank which we have never done and are very apprehensive about but what are you going to do when the car stops in the middle of the road??!!We ended up with a 2007 Kia Spectra-never had something so new with so little miles...There has been some family stuff that I won't go into and Gary's step-dad died so that put a bit of a damper on things.

But there have been good things happening too...we found Gabriele's wedding dress! This isn't really it, I had to alter the image in case you know who popped on here, although I don't think he will. She told Nick she got a turtleneck dress so I made hers into one...
Maybe pink wedding dresses will be the wave of the future...NOT!

Oh and our Friday's with Nick and Gabriele continue. We have fun whatever we do. One night we decided to drive to Portland. No real destination but then I came up with an idea and luckily the Jeep is noisy because they didn't hear us discussing where to go. We headed over by Stars antigues and pulled up outside this bar. We told them we had heard it was a great place and they just happened to be playing some Beatle's music so we said that was why we had come. They had the most confused looks on their faces-it was great...
Actually Papa Haydn's was right next door! Here are the treats we got-

I think this was called a bourbon ball-
White Chocolate Mint Torte
White chocolate-mint mousse over dense chocolate cake, wrapped in almond joconde cake and bordered with espresso ganache.
Boccone Dolce
Swiss meringues drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate, layered with fresh fruit and chantilly cream.
and with that sweet thought in your mind,
I'll end this post...

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