Saturday, March 6, 2010


29 years ago, this moment, we were eating our rehearsal dinner. Well, we should have been-don't remember if we had one now that I think about it. Maybe Gary will let us know. (although we all know how often he reads my blog! May be more often now that it posts to facebook...)

I made the invites-at least the master print. I took calligraphy at Clark at the time and thought how much better it would be to fashion my own-the creativity goes way back folks!!

The next picture is our wedding party. I made the flowergirl's dress and the maid of honor made hers. The bouquet I have is a purse Gary's mom carried at her wedding and a corsage I wore when we left town. I was just shy of 21 years and Gary was almost 27. Do you notice the ruffle shirts and the big bowties and the satin trimmed jackets?
oh yeah baby!
I don't know why nobody was sitting in the aisle seats-that is where I always want to be at weddings.
so happy...
This is our "present opening" day. See the pile of wrap next to Gary? This gift...I returned it, why have one when I could use a knife? (now I have 2 different sizes of food processors)
This photo...just wanted to show the apartment. Dig that wall decor?! Stretched fabric on frame. Oh and it was 1981, brown and gold were where it was at...I don't remember the green carpet at all. I do believe that was my grandma's old couch.
Love Gary's long side burns!
We are heading to Bend tomorrow for 3 nights to celebrate and relax...the cameras are being packed so I'll tell ya all about it next week~


Amy said...

I think your matching wide leg pants are my favorite thing about the last photo. :) Have an awesome trip!!!

michelle allen said...

how sweet and darling this is! congratulations on so many years together!

thanks for stopping by...