Thursday, October 14, 2010


Do you ever get tired of how you have decorated? I have had the same things on the wall in the hall for a long time. I liked them, after all I put them together didn't I?! I had a large framed collage of photos of my mom and a cool diorama of my grandma I had made from a drawer as well as a few other things. But one day I was looking at it and just wanted a change. So I relocated all of it to my bedroom walls and lived with the blankness for awhile.
Then I started relocating all the random framed images of the family I had onto the dresser that lives in the hall. We had the thing covered with separate frames. That looked okay but I was afraid that I would knock some over when I was not paying attention. And then I saw this wrapping paper at Paper Source in Portland. It was covered with camera images in various colors. We stopped at a little second hand store by our house and found a frame that fit it perfectly. Covered it with spray paint - of course - and hung that on the wall. A few weeks later I found a little box shelf which I painted and set over the thermostat. And then added some of the frames from the dresser to the wall.

Ta-da...the finished hall gallery. Love looking at all these images of the ones I love!
I think the dresser which we found for free might need a coat of paint too...we'll see...
the end~

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