Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friends and renters

I have a friend who had a really wonderful thing happen in her life and then a crushing blow. When Gary and I were visiting with her a few weeks back she mentioned needing to move. This was right after we were explaining that come the first of the year some things were going to be changing with regards to my dad...the man fell off a ladder again about a month back! One thing led to another and she has a new start. She moved into the daylight basement apartment at my dad's. You probably remember me talking about the space before in regards to Nick moving in there a few years back.

The rooms we didn't paint then had to be painted so Amy helped us out and we finished in just a couple days. We bought Behr's paint that they advertise as one coat because it has a primer in it. Nope took two and some places should be touched up with a third but I'm done with that! Her bedroom is now caramel color and the office is asparagus. We set up the room Nick used as a bedroom as a guest suite...it just doesn't have a bath.

Dad's house was built around the 70's and had room intercoms-which don't really work anymore but are UGLY. So I got some canvases and painted them up with inspirational themes. She seems to like them a lot...oh and I made her a little welcome sign.
for the living room
for the bedroom
for the guest room
for the office
and a little something in the kitchen
I got all my inspiration from things I saw at etsy.com. Her family has made her promise not to move in the near future...something good for both of us!

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Teri Leigh said...

Beautiful! You do know how to take care of your friends.

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