Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shame and fear

You have heard me talk about the Soul Restoration class. The lesson this week is about reconciling the two entities within us-strength and weakness. Stumbled across this talk by Brene Brown in the forums. NO don't go watch it now, finish reading...(did you know I'm kinda bossy?) It is full of amazing truths but the things I am focusing on are to:
1. Let myself be SEEN
2. Love with my whole heart
3. Practice gratitude and lean into joy
4. Remember I AM ENOUGH-I even made myself a necklace with the statement on it awhile back.

I have to tell you that as I try to live a real, vulnerable life I have found it is infinitely easier than the one I was living. The shame filled, Satan ruled one just wasn't any fun. I am thankful for this class for getting me back on track and for each of you. My friends and family who have loved me just as I was and am. I am sorry I didn't see it before and live fully.
THIS is what joy looks like on me...a little photo from my birthday last year.
May you all have a great day and if you can-let's get together soon!
OH and you can go watch the video now!


Canazzi said...

I'm liking the new you.


Yvette said...

You have a great smile!!! What a beautiful picture of "Joy"!!!

michelle allen said...

i love what joy looks like on you!!! those glasses are darling! :)
have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

thanks for stopping by...