Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This week-

Well if you count from Friday to Friday...because this photo of my dear friend Teri was taken last Friday! I forgot to ask if I could post it but I assume she knows every photo I take is fair game to go on my blog....

I took this after our Brave girl meeting. We have been having our get togethers in her cozy new living room. And she always has yummy treats that are mostly good for us. She always dresses so fashionably-I take notes!
I had a fun little excursion yesterday. Lovely June was not able to join us at my pj birthday party, so she promised me that she would take me out for a treat. Well I got two- one was spending time with her and the other was some yummy ice cream. We met up at the Ice Cream Renaissance in downtown Vancouver.
Oh me- oh my! Was it ever a wonderful thing!!

This is June with her little plate of samplers and a cookie. She got a latte too and said the coffee was really good.
Me-I never go out for ice cream so I went with the Peanut butter ice cream on a brownie. Oh and a scoop of coffee ice cream so we could try it. I did ask for a tiny scoop like June had but I guess the lady didn't understand me. Oh and the whipped cream just made it look like so much more. It took awhile to eat what with all the gabbing!
Go is a must!

Spent today in the craft cottage and then did some watching of Brave Girl videos. I am loving this class too. It will give me skills to use for some time.

Thanks for popping in...see ya.

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