Monday, July 11, 2011


Today I was I do most Mondays. The introvert in me just goes on overload from the company over the weekend! Not that I would change it for the world, I am just glad I have Mondays to recoup.

On Friday I gave Nick, Gabriele and Gary a choice of what to have for dinner. I made pasta salad with turkey pepperoni and little marinated mozzarella balls and yummy garlic bread on the side. Then we took a drive out to Border's to pick up this book I had read about on the Brave Girls page.I have only read a bit of it but it sounds really interesting. Here is what Melody of Brave Girls had to say about it- "The book is a collection of stories like mine – stories of how Art Saves. I am one of 20 artists who participated and I am thrilled to announce that the book is available at bookstores everywhere NOW! I can’t wait for you to see it and to be touched as I have by stories about the power of art…to be inspired by it."

On Saturday I was planning a day of scrapping but Amy phoned and asked if we would like to come for lunch. We had some great cheese and bacon sandwiches. Then she and I went off to Yard and Garden and then back to my house while the guys headed to a camera store. When Amy got here I was able to share a little project I had done for us girls...surprise Gabriele! (she hasn't seen this yet) I made some cupcake plates with candle holders I had already and some thrifted plates.
I also found this toy camera and painted it up for our "extra" room where the theme is bright.
And when I went in to get the camera I saw this painting Amy did a few years back and decided to document it too. I can't believe she just free handed the whole thing.
Sunday we went for a little drive in the morning-Gary had seen a few things he wanted to photograph when he was in Portland for the first Thursday event. Then home and a fun day with Amy. We did a bit of organizing of photos and she started scrapping while I made lunch. We had orzo with feta and Kalamata olives and I cooked up some shrimp. We spent the day in the craft cottage until Amy realized it was time for her to leave.

I am hoping to be more productive tomorrow-I really want to get up to date on the scrapbooks before our business starts taking all my extra hours.

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