Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homemade Smash book

This is my first attempt at a mixed media journal-sort of like the Smash book. Have you heard of them?! I get all excited just thinking of them-they are journal/scrapbooks with cute decorated pages. The user then "smashes" stuff from their life into the books. The one I have I use for special things I do such as movie stubs and for things I find online that are especially encouraging to me.

This one is much smaller but I figured things out as I went and that meant smaller is better.

I set up a Flicker group so you could see all the pages. I used old dictionary, novel and kid's storybook pages as well as grid paper and ledger pages too. Just a collection of some of the massive supply of paper I have. I will probably be adding packets of papers to my Etsy account so others can put their own books together too. It doesn't need to have the binder strip, simple office supply rings or ribbon would even work. Just punch holes and use what ever is around. I've got lots of ideas but not necessarily the stamina to get them all done. Stay tuned....

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