Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thrifting fun

It's the time of year again when I go in search of vintage fun for my Christmas stash. Gary doesn't think I need any more stuff but...

I went with a girlfriend on Friday and hit three stores down towards Oregon City. We were pretty excited about our finds at the end of the day. This first photo shows a couple of days worth of great finds.
This next photo shows the detail on a great "tea towel" I found that I think I will make a pillow from. Amy and I found a similar one at a frou frou store in Bridgeport on Sunday. Way more than the $1.50 I spent!
I hear all the time from people that they never find great things at the thrift stores. You have to go often and early in the day before things are picked through. I look to see what tags are 1/2 off when I enter and actively search for those items. I have a price in my head that I am willing to spend and if it is more, I put the item down and check back in a week or two...it may then be on sale. I find the best prices at Paws and Claws, Salvation Army, Friends of the Carpenter and Value Village. However, Goodwill has the most items because those deposit spots are everywhere.

I'm always game if someone needs a thrifting buddy...just let me know.

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