Friday, September 19, 2008


Project #1: Imagine a table sorta like the one I talked about here. Only this one had been left outside in the elements for years. It was found in the back of the property that Amy my DD bought with her husband. With rusty legs and the top peeling in places and a layer of thick dirt it was headed for the dump. But I saw a treasure and I also needed a table for the back yard. I always forget to do the "before" picture! So we brought it home and took it apart. Gary took the legs to work and had them sand blasted. Then a coat of rust inhibitor and paint. The screws got a bath in vinegar which took some of the rust off. The table top was cleaned and glued. Then spray painted and layers of urethane. This is what I ended up with...I love it and it will go so well with my newly painted yard furniture.Project #2: My dear friend Tracy who sometimes goes by Rose came over for dinner and a movie last night. It has been awhile since we had seen each other so it was a good chance for a visit because Gary was out for the evening. Oh, and I wanted to celebrate her birthday which was a few weeks ago. Chocolate cake (made in my cupcake pan), with chocolate frosting and chocolate decorations that kept wanting to melt onto the cake. I did catch a picture before the letters flopped over though.
We watched Miss Pettigrew lives for a day a fun, don't have to think too hard, movie.

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Teri Leigh said...

You always amaze me with how you can fix things up. It just always seems like so much trouble to me.

thanks for stopping by...