Thursday, October 16, 2008

1 AM!!

yep, it's 1 AM and I am online and surfing through blogs to see what people are up to.
I don't know why, just am. But I'm tired and should go back to bed.
I just realized that I haven't shown the office "after" pictures or the decorating that happened here on Sunday. I'll get to it later today for sure.
My daughter has had my car for 2 days and will have it again today. Weird, being home all day...
kinda had to get out last night. Destination-the grocery store, how lame is that?

We had our first no show last night. I had called the senior around 1 pm, oh that is 12 hours ago (ha). Anyway, he said he would be here. When he was an hour late DH called and the kid said he had been in a car accident but DH said it sounded like he was at a party. Oh, I was upset because we could have had someone else come for portraits. Someone like the student who has been canceled twice because of rain! Oh I feel better for talking about it. But am still bothered by it. I guess when you work with teenagers you have to expect something like this, but still....

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