Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Right now

Right now I feel settled. We are in a routine of taking portraits, proofing them, sending in orders, packaging and delivering them. But within all these moments of work I am glorifying in the sun shining and the leaves turning. I used to get stressed out during the "senior months" but that hasn't happened this year. Not having the house torn apart to make it a portrait studio probably helps, but I think more than ever that Gary and I are at a peaceful point. We are remembering to be connect as a couple. It makes a world of difference to me. He is also taking my suggestions for poses, etc. and not feeling like I am taking over his creativity. Maybe I am being nicer about how I make my suggestions too.

Our children are at a good place in their lives too. It is so cool to see them as adults making a living and being productive in the community. I shared the portraits we took of each of them with their loves. It is fun to see new lives beginning and relishing the 27 years I have had with Gary.

So just want to encourage you to look around at what you have and rejoice in the little things.
Don't let the election and economy get you down. Remember, no matter what happens you will still have those close to you to hang on to.

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