Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday with Amy

Halloweeny treats- I love caramel apples but the stores charge sooooo much.
We decided to make our own, I do plain caramel with chocolate. But artistic daughter Amy wanted sprinkles, peanuts, graham cracker crumbs and a scary face! Almost as much fun to look at as to eat.
And some peanut butter ghosts complete with a pirate and a cyclops.
Glittery fun with the beginning of christmas crafts. Last year at closeout time I bought new ornaments in the colors of silver, bright green and blue and purple. So I need decorations to match. This banner will grace the entrance to the hall and most likely not hang so low since only Amy and I could walk under it if it hung like this! The overall photo doesn't show much so I took a close up of part of it. I love this!! 10/31 oh, it says deck the hall! (not halls because I miscounted-but I do only have one hall....

Next Sunday we will make something for over the mantel, so be sure to check back.
It's a good thing we decorate right after Thanksgiving...I can't wait!

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Teri Leigh said...

Love the ghosts, how cute :)

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