Friday, November 7, 2008

7 years

7 years ago today, this woman, my mom-passed away.
An only child, she quit school to get married at 17.
At 23; she had two children and was pregnant with a third when she left her husband and came home to mom and dad. They helped her get settled and back in school. She was resilient and went from one job to another gaining wisdom along the way. I remember her from the years when I was a young mom. Wondering how she ever did it without a husband to lean on. I am thankful that she was able to marry again when I was 12 and had twenty five years with a partner. Someone else to help her. Someone who would love her.

Mom loved words-reading, scrabble, crosswords. Mom loved knowledge-Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit. She was granted a few years to enjoy life without working outside the home. I'm glad, for though she said to me as she lay dying,"I wish I could have been the mom you are," she was the mom I knew and loved. She worked hard, but made sure we knew we were loved. That she cared about us. That we were important. Isn't that the only lesson a mom needs to give?

I am thinking about her a lot these days. I have a dear friend who just lost her dad and a couple school friends who each lost their moms in the past few weeks. It brings the loss to my heart again. So I encourage you to call your mom or your child and tell them they are loved. Let others share your heart and thanks for letting me share mine.

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I LOVE YOU! :) And this made me cry... thanks!

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