Monday, November 3, 2008

Glitter cottage

That is what I was calling my little craft cottage yesterday. Amy (DD) and I worked on a canvas for over the fireplace for christmas and started on my christmas cards. Oh, I'm so excited - I was out there at 11 pm putting on another coat of paint. I can't show you everything because then the surprise won't be there for December-but you can have a glance.

Brought in the stuff I got on sale last year to create the new tree design. Had to make sure I was using the right colors for the decorations I/we are making.

Headed to the craft stores today to get some more supplies. Seems funny because I have SO MANY supplies already, but they have to be color specific!

I have passed my love of Christmas onto my children...Amy is taking a half day off on Black Friday to come and help set up my house. My guess is that we will follow up with hers too!


Amy said...

You bet we will! Can't wait! :)

Teri Leigh said...

Don't forget to enjoy Thanksgiving!

thanks for stopping by...