Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Did you notice?

Did you notice the new sidebar spots?
If you click on the "free mammogram" button it will take you to a site where just a simple click of the button will help those without much money get a free mammogram. The #1 way to spot early cancers. Then if you notice the top bars from that page, you can do the same kind of thing-just click a button to help end hunger, improve children's health around the world, provide books and help the rainforest and animals. Doesn't take much time and a few clicks of the buttons will help people all over the world.
The second spot reminds us that we need to help the "brick and morter" stores we love. While internet shopping may be convenient for some things, we still need to stop by this store or that for immediate supplies. Spending money here in your home town helps your local economy, shopping online doesn't. Read all about it at the site and then go get a few things you have been needing.

This ends today's version of a commercial...thanks for stopping by...

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