Monday, July 27, 2009

July 28

July 28 is an important day at the Canazzi's-it is the day (or week, see previous post) that Gary Daniel Canazzi entered the world. Here is a short photo history...
An only child-he was doted upon by his parents,

this is one of a series taken in front of the gold curtain, Gary's parent's took most of their pictures on slide film, so we only have a few of his growing up years. Just haven't taken the time to print them up...

The next few pictures were taken shortly before I met him
in 1980. His friend did cut some of that hair off too!
he was probably talking,
The next photo was taken about 1982-ugh those fashions! This is an Easter portrait taken about 1985, I made matching
Mother/Daughter outfits and got Gary to wear a
pink shirt. He has braces in this photo.
A few years later, about 20, we posed for another portrait.
This is one of my favorites of the guy taken about a year ago.
Happy birthday Gary...Love you more...I said it first...

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Amy said...

In the first photo I think he looks kinda like me as a baby. I also like that you say he "got" to wear the pink shirt! :)

thanks for stopping by...