Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today...Michael Jackson and a "for sale"

Today I watched and DVR'd the memorial service for Michael Jackson. I don't really care what some people thought of the man...I think he did a lot for our world. A lot of the thoughts I have were echoed in the memorial-humanitarian, great dancer, amazing performer. What got me the most were the moments with his real friends and family. When they mentioned that in spite of the few mean spirited people, he really did just want to give his music to the masses. I was touched by people talking about his smile and his saying 'I love you more' and by his daughter speaking up and reminding us that he was a daddy who loved his babies. I can't imagine life with 8 brothers and sisters and what the holidays must have been like with the extended family. My heart goes out to them and I look forward to the day that he is remembered ONLY for his music and love for mankind.

After watching the memorial, I continued on the E' channel and watched a story of his life. Felt a bit guilty watching all this TV but did manage to get some stuff done too.
I started a wrap-
and strung the pearls, etc. I bought at a sale a few weeks ago-
and made an appointment to visit the cardiologist next week.

Looking back, I didn't do too bad, what with the TV and all....
oh- and if you need one- I have a grande size Starbucks insulated cup for sale. I'll offer it here first, then on Craigslist come Friday. It is slightly used, but I got the larger size so don't need this one anymore. How about $20. Let me know if you are interested ASAP...

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