Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Memories

Grandma's kitchen...there was never a better place to be. The memories I have consist of 4 different homes. The kitchen of this photo was in a little house on Minnehaha street. (before the big 4 lane road went through) My grandparent's owned 5 acres at the time. This kitchen has old linoleum blue and white squares. They had a HUGE garden and I remember them cleaning produce in the big sink and canning in the summer. Since my mom was a single woman for many years living on a very limited income, every Sunday was dinner at their house...pot roasts and roasted chickens-always meat which was a change from our usual package dinners.

Years later, after Grandpa passed and the road was expanded and the little house torn down, my Grandma had a double wide trailer put into what used to be her back yard. This is where I was old enough to learn how to cook and bake from her. I remember she had a Sunbeam mixmaster mixer. A tough thing that I used when we made chocolate chip cookies. The first time I tried to make cookies at my house with mom's Oster kitchen center, I burned out the motor...

Then Grandma moved into a house in the Lincoln area. This kitchen hadn't been remodeled since the house had been built. It was pretty small and had wallpaper with old red kitchen appliances on it. There was a whole wall of cabinets and one of the cabinets had a fold down table in it. Another had an ironing board.

After that, she moved into a duplex on 31st. St. with a basement. What I remember most about this kitchen is the door to the basement was in the kitchen. One day we went down to the basement to get something and since Amy was about 2, we shut the door so she wouldn't fall down. Well somehow she got the door locked and no amount of coaxing could get her to understand how to unlock it. Luckily the landlord lived in the other side of the duplex and was home. We called her and she let herself in and unlocked the door for us.

Just a few memories of some of the time I spent in Grandma's kitchen. I think that is why it was somewhat bittersweet when we remodeled our kitchen...I hope the kids have great memories of spending time with me in the white/red kitchen and then the white/green one. Someday, there will be little ones to share the new kitchen with and make new memories.

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