Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

It looks like it's going to be a grand Mother's day morning...the sun is shining bright. The flowers look great and we have some fun stuff planned for the day. But I awoke with a need to acknowledge what being a mom has meant to me and to say thanks to a few people.

All I can remember wanting to be as a little girl and then later as I grew up, was a mom. A mom that was able to be home for her children, that played with them, baked cookies and read them
stories. My dream came true and I still find it exciting to see what new ways I can share my love.

These women taught me by example what unconditional love was. I felt adored and cared for as every little girl hopes for. Grandma's mom died when she was 8 and she began working as a young child. She worked most of her adult life as a telephone operator and was retired by the time I was 8. We spent a lot of time with her and a lot of her influence taught me how to have fun in the moment. My mom was a single, working woman with 3 young children. She was often "done" by the time she got home from work, but the thing I remember most about her was that she was always telling us that she loved us. A moment I cherish as a mom was when she said to me, just days before she passed away, " I wish I could have been the kind of mom you are." It was the only time I had ever heard her acknowledge me as a mother. I reassured her in the fact that I appreciated the impact she had on me but I sure do wish we had more time...
Well without this guy I wouldn't be talking about being a mom at all! Gary has given me not only two great gifts but by working really hard, has allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom. He was always ready to take over if I was at the end of my rope by 4pm or to rough house with the kids so I could get dinner ready. I have cherished his support and been so glad to have him by my side constantly.
Our firstborn has become an amazing woman! She is loved by so many and is wonderfully gifted.
It is still a bit shocking to me when she starts talking numbers and housing costs and bankruptcy rates...she sounds so grown up! But she is still my little girl that loves to shop and do crafts with me. Watch girly movies and eat chocolate with. I adore you-always have and always will...
My gregarious boy-oh how much fun I have had watching you grow up! Those who work with him will tell us about things he said or did and I am awed because I still see in my mind the little boy who would go out in the yard next door and play baseball. All alone, you would hit and run bases and slid into home, all the time talking away to yourself. Did you know I was watching you from the window, reveling in your imagination? I cherish your sense of humor and your willingness to do things for others. You are an awesome man!!
The next two photos are of the people who adore my children almost as much as I do. For that they have a truly special spot in my heart. They are different than the two I gave birth to, but I still consider them my children...knowing the God loving hearts of these two made it easier to relinquish my hold of Amy and Nick's lives and hearts.

Last but not least are my friends. They cheered and cried and supported me through all the phases of being a mom. They are still there for me even though my active work is mostly done as a mom. They have shown me how to be better by example as well as their words. This photo shows just some of the great women who have been there for me through the years. Thanks to you all for allowing me to be who I am and gently guiding me when I needed it.

May those of you who are moms have a grand day today and be treated like the princess(queen) that you are. I sure wouldn't be who I am without you...

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Gary Canazzi said...

Yes - we are both so very blessed.

The last photo of you with all the gals takes on a whole new perspective now. They have always had your back, and have been so important in the development of both of our children.

Happy Mothers day to you my love!

thanks for stopping by...