Friday, May 21, 2010

What I wanna be...

when I grow up...

As I approach my milestone birthday of 50!! I have been thinking about what has been and what I would like to be for the years coming up. Here are a few of the things I have come up with-

Accepting-of myself, right where I am, right as I am.
Helpful-I want to reach out more and aid another in their journey.
Slow to speak-I am working on weighing my words before speaking.
Honest-To be able, in kindness, to be truthful with others.
Patient-as a daughter, to the man who came along side my mom and became my dad. Who is now to the point of making decisions about the next few years.
Industrious-I didn't get a lot of "projects" done in the last year.
Thrifty-finally learn to not spend all we earn.
Studious-how to be a better mom to my adult children and their loves.
Traveler-I hope to travel-places we can drive to and see these great United States.
Healthy-in body, mind and soul.

and I want it now!!! lol ;)

God will sustain me as I work towards these goals, he really needs to because I tend to be an impatient student...

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