Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A walk through the garden

I love spring-the fresh air, the weird weather, the beautiful flowers...there is always a sense of hope in the spring. The feeling that we are being awakened after winter's heaviness. I took a walk through the backyard with my camera the other day....
azaleas blooming and peonies ready to burst
close-up of my tree peony-just love that color!
the combo of dark purple lilac and pink peony-beauty!
spirea and two colors of lilac-
the overall photo of the tree peony-last count was 21 blossoms!
The promises of this spring? Time with family and friends plus the wedding in July...so much to look forward to!


Teri Leigh said...

You always have the prettiest flowers. I love your peonies!

annaliese said...

wow. what a gorgeous garden !!! the lilacs are my favorite flower and your trees are so beautiful!

thanks for stopping by...