Thursday, May 27, 2010

The big party

Sunday dawned bright and sunny...NOT! It was sorta drizzly and cold so lots of my guests spent the party indoors! Not so fun when you have a barbecue but you make do.

This is one of the few photos showing the awesome glasses Magenta let me borrow (well maybe they don't know I borrowed them but Amy said it was okay!)
I got my hair done in the morning, lots of curls and spray-it looked perfect for a 50's homemaker.
Laurie and Tracy did an awesome job on a program of songs and slang and "Karin" trivia-

Karl manned the BBQ-he was still out there long after I thought he would be done-what a trouper!
Some posters Amy put together of some 50's facts:

Yep-I baked...German chocolate cake, chocolate and pecan cake, chocolate cake with pistachio filling and 7 minute icing, pineapple upside down cake and lemon meringue pie. The cookbooks and toys are all part of the 50's also. Oh and the table too!
CD's of pirated 50's music I made-shh! don't tell on me....
Portraits-you knew there would be some with two photographers in the family!!
my man-
my brother Mike and dad Gene-
all my children-
Amy and Karl-
Karl's parents-Werner and Nancy Baumgarten-

Nick and Gabriele-
Gabriele's parents-Ken and Holly Crown-
Jim and Teri Owens-I have been friends with Jim since high school and Teri since Clark-
Tracy Varney and Laurie Sturgeon-
Doug and Marie Newport-

John and Lois Kimber-we used to trade off childcare each week-

Judy Howard-

Chuck and Sharon Staley-
Karl and June Swanson-

Nancee Lillard-good friend, confidant and nail tech-
Dr. Nick and Daniella Carulli-Gary's next best friend-
Jack and Lori Holt-I have known Lori since 3rd grade!!

Eric and Shelly Toews-Shelly is Laurie's daughter and I have known her since she was a pee-wee-

and this little chick-a-dee wearing her great-grandma's apron...
couldn't have done it without her! She was my graphic designer and grand hostess!!

Thanks to all who came and to all who sent notes, it was an amazing day and I felt so loved....

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annaliese said...

oh! it all looks so fun! (and clean-cut!lol) what a great memory to welcome in the fabulous 50's! you look stunning and so happy! love!

thanks for stopping by...