Saturday, October 22, 2011


Are you thinking-"jeez Karin, it isn't even Halloween yet!"

Well for those who like to do crafts and scrapbooking it isn't too early to think about Christmas. Some things you have to start early. I have begun to think about putting together another Christmas Daily album-
I first read about them on Ali Edwards blog. The premise is to put together a bunch of pages ahead of time and then just add photos and notes as the days progress in December. Stubs from outings, pictures with Santa, tree hunts, etc. I did one last year and used an old book I found as the covers and for some of the pages. Ali sponsors a Flicker group-here is a link to my book.

If you would like to hold a workshop for your girlfriends, with supply packages, I would be glad to come and present. Check in with me for rates...

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