Thursday, October 22, 2009

3:20 am

again... i. am. getting. tired. of. this...literally!

So I came out to the computer to visit a few friends (only they don't really know me and I don't know them) and stumbled upon this blog...she is inspiring me, making me think.

it is now almost 5 and I have been enjoying my time visiting Nina. She tells of her times creating and wandering and thinking. Of taking photographs and loving her friends and children and Ben and Walter. Of embracing where we are in life, of leaves falling. Her writing is very comforting and I want to read all of her blogs, but they go back to 2005 or so...I'll just keep up with the new ones I think.

But now I want to take even more photos of myself, of my hands and my face and those parts I don't necessarily want others to see. I want to explore my story it from reading her words or thinking about the number that is coming up at my next birthday? Who am I? What am I?

see, told you her writings were inspiring me....

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