Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday memories

Yesterday after we did a senior photo shoot (rained out on Sat.!) we stopped by a building downtown so Gary could take some shots of the fall leaves. It was the old Pacific Bell Telephone office, the same office my Gran worked at back in the day. We have a photo of her standing in front of this same building. Grandma was a working mom back when it wasn't common for women to work outside the home. I never asked her or mom how that all worked out. Did she have somebody watch mom or did her and grandpa alternate? She worked for Bell Telephone from the time she came to Vancouver in 1928 until she retired more than 30 years later. The friendships she made there continued until late in her life. I remember driving Gran to play cards; pinochle and bridge, with these same friends and many others. They were always laughing and having a good time. These ladies made a routine of going to the Crossing restaurant here in town for birthdays. I have a pictoral history of grandma through the years from the Polaroids the restaurant provided. It is kinda hard to look at the pictures though. I see her age in a way I didn't when we were spending so much time together. I always picture her as she looked from around 1970-1986. Spry and ready for adventure!! Amy and I would spend a lot of time with Gran. Most days we would pop in to just say Hi, but we were her wheels since she never learned to drive, and we shopped a lot too.

I miss Gran and mom...always more so around the holidays. I am hoping that I am leaving the same kind of legacy for my little family.

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