Saturday, March 19, 2011

and then this week-

So after all the excitement of last week what was I going to do this week? Well on Wednesday Mrs. Gabriele was graduating nursing school, Thursday I was invited to visit an art journaling group and on Friday we had plans to attend Magenta Improv theater. So I stayed pretty low the first few days of the week. Got the laundry done and the rest of stuff put away. Did a bit of reading. After dinner on Wednesday I got all ready for the graduation. Took off the tennies and put on my fancy shoes (Dansko's)-I don't stray too much from comfort. Since it was raining I decided Gary could drive and let me off out front and then he would have to park the car. Good plan-bad entry. As I was attempting to get in the car I inadvertently stepped off the edge of the carport and twisted my foot. My already sore foot from Plantar Fasciitis became excruciating. I iced it all the way to Skyview but it didn't get much better. I hobbled in and sat as quickly as I could.
Here she is ready for things to get going-

and Mr. Nick got to pin on her graduating nurse pin-tears flowed.
Well from me anyway!

So proud of them both for working together to reach this amazing goal!!!

By the end of it I sure needed the rest room. So I hobbled up the stairs and using the railing to guide and help support my aching foot I traveled towards the door. The railing wasn't attached at one point and gouged my finger. So now I was hobbling and bleeding...more drama. As quickly as we could leave gracefully we headed out.

I was awfully glad I was going to the doctor the next day for a rash that had developed on my side. I figured it was something I picked up from the trip...
But that night I got the grand total of about 2 hours sleep because my foot hurt so bad. I did some online research and was convinced I had sprained my foot. As soon as Gary got up I told him that I needed him to call his best friend the doctor and get me in to the clinic before my 1 pm appointment. Well he went to work and then came home a few hours later to take me in. In a twist of fate the PA who saw me did have a sprained ankle and was hobbling around too. She poked and prodded and determined I had just aggravated the fasciitis more. Assured me there was an anti-inflammatory I could take without other drug interactions and would also give me a
stronger pain killer since Tylenol wasn't cutting anything. Oh and the rash turned out to be Shingles.

So for two days I haven't showered or changed out of jammies. I haven't cleaned the house or done many chores. I have prepared some food and read magazines and watched tv and checked my email and facebook on my smart phone. Taken lots of naps and am gradually getting better.
Today I did notice what appears to be a case of athlete's foot (figured I would get something out of the trip) or maybe it's shingles on my toes...

Gary-he is ready to trade me in for a healthier model. Although he keeps telling me how amazed he is that I am not turning into a whiny women through all of this.

Why is it when you decide you are going to try some new things to get both mentally and physically healthy something always gets in the way???

Or should I say someone????

Well tomorrow should be better-asked Amy to come earlier than usual so we will have some crafting time before I'll need a nap. Maybe I can actually get through the day without one-we'll see.

Next week? We will just have to wait and see if things will be back to normal!!

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