Monday, March 14, 2011

Anniversary plus more...

Got my toes done for the trip...
We took half a dozen photos together and this is the only one that turned out...wonder why?
It was an amazing week! We started the week out with family dinner made by Karl and Amy. Yummy organic hamburgers with most all organic trimmings. They even found an amazing chocolate cake at whole foods. We played Pictionary too which is always fun-why is it you can always guess what the other team is drawing? Amy spent Saturday with us since we wouldn't have Sunday together and we crafted the day away.

Sunday we packed up the car and headed towards the beach via the Astoria route. Although we have taken this road before Gary kept saying it looked different. Maybe because it wasn't raining...It took us over 4 hours to reach Cannon Beach because of the photo opportunities!
These images I took with my phone and played
with the options....
When we finally made it to Cannon Beach we had to EAT-we hadn't had lunch and were very hungry. We stopped at Lumberyard. If you haven't been there...go!

I had ribs-
Gary had fish and chips-
On Monday Gary gave me some lovely presents- a book I have been wanting, a gift card to a craft store and this lovely ring with 3 pearls to represent our decades together and two diamonds to represent our children...LOVE it!On Monday we had lunch in Warrenton at a spot I had Googled-Serendipity Cafe. Supposed to have great Monte Cristos and they did. Gary had biscuits and gravy which were fantastic too.
We drove back roads and ended up at Fort Clatsop that was recently rebuilt after a fire. Gary took photos and I had a little nap. He ended up calling me and saying he had taken a path and was way out past the entrance on the main road so I headed out to meet up with him. We drove a road through the countryside that was one we hadn't been on before-which we love.
Arriving back in Seaside around dinner time I did a quick search on the phone for someplace to eat. Kinda felt like pizza...turns out we were parked behind a place that was supposed to be great in spite of what it looked like in the strip mall. It's right across from Safeway and you would miss it if you weren't looking for it. Angelina's pizza had a fantastic menu!
This is chicken parmesean panini-
This is their cheese calzone with ricotta and mozzarella-
We spent one day of the trip hanging out in the room in our jammies and reading in front of the fire. Didn't feel too guilty since it was extremely windy out.

Another day we took a drive down to Tillamook-had to get some squeeky cheese. I took Gary to the air museum too.

Stopped in Rockaway beach at a cute looking shop called the Frugal Crow. Part gift shop, part antique shop, part yarn store...all around fun and amazing prices. I got this afghan for only $12

We saw these cute bunnies-
We saw this amazing airstream. Never have seen a bus version.
We had a bit of all kinds of weather while we were was kinda fun.

We came home on Friday and Amy, Nick and Gabriele came for dinner and then we went to see Harry Potter.
On Saturday I put everything away and organized my kitchen a bit differently. Sunday Amy came to play and we visited a friends new old home and gave them some suggestions of how to get it ready to live in.
Gary didn't want to go to work today and I had a bit of a tough time getting's hard to come off vacation mode!

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