Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting things done

A few weeks back I did a post where I showed my travel journal I was putting together for our anniversary trip. Well I got it all put together and thought you might like to see a bit more. I have photos, journaling, bags, notes, business cards, postcards, maps...all sorts of stuff tucked in.
It is a bit loose and floppy but that makes it more interesting. I keep a bit of ribbon around it to store.

I even put in the lists I made for packing. And also one of the pages from when we played pictionary with all the kids.
Amy came over on Sunday like always. Even though I was still a bit loopy from the meds we still did some crafting. I made this for the kitchen with bits of this and that. The class we took had us not put faces on the ladies but I don't know if I like that on this one. I even added a pearl necklace, just what the 50's house wife always wore. Well at least on TV.

Today I finished up the last project for my "Soul Restoration" class. It was supposed to be a promises book. That has been stumping me for weeks. I finally decided that a book full of some
relevant scripture verses would remind me of the promises that God has made to me and that I have made to him. The class stuff had sent this embossed book and Amy added some paint and today I finished it off with glitter glue...just love that stuff!
some pages with random items from my stash of supplies-

I put ribbons and things sticking out the top and sides for interest-
It feels so great to get some items finished.

I signed up for a class called Be gentle, be love.
They send wise words and prompts for projects, journaling or blog posts.
You'll probably hear more from me on that soon...

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