Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crafting fun!

Since we are leaving today to celebrate our 30th anniversary...Amy won't be able to come and craft :(
BUT she did come yesterday instead :)
We had purchased an online class called the She Art Workshop. So we sat down to watch the instruction videos. A lot of the techniques we were already familiar with, so we did a bit of fast forwarding. We also didn't watch all the videos for week 1 because we were itching to get to the craft room. Here is my first canvas-with a bit of a glare. I don't think I'm done completely with her yet-doesn't seem like enough on the canvas.
Then after Amy left we ran errands and when we came home I did a bit of cooking and kitchen packing. It was around 9pm that I actually got back to the craft cottage to make up a travel journal. I signed up for a class on Wednesday- I think and just hadn't had time to get to the creating yet. But I was determined...I had picked up a small album with a ribbon tie at Target for $1 and so I used that as the start. I cut up some chipboard pages, a few different sizes and then got out my newly purchased clear acrylic pages and travel punch-outs. Along with other misc. items from my stash I finished it in the wee hours of the morning! The idea is to have somewhere to put those things that represent your trip such as; menus, business cards, receipts, tags off things you buy,etc. as well as adding photos once we get home.

Here is how it looks-I need non purple rings though.
The page on the left is the acrylic with double sided punch outs adhered with staples.
The page on the right is an old plastic file folder cut down and covered with a paper pattern.
The page on the left is a cut down one with a tag attached.
The photo on the right is of my mom at the beach in 1955.
Page on the left is some more of the plastic page protector with punch outs and paint.
The blue page is cut down with a decorative trim and library pocket.
The left page just shows how I put some different elements together.
On the right is another acrylic page with a quote. You are able
to see the next few pages through the acrylic.
A flash card of ice cream is on the left. Ice cream is my dessert of choice.
When we head to Cannon Beach we always stop in at
the candy store for Tillamook white licorice flavor.

On the right is a page for me to list all the books I read.
Just a couple of cute travel journaling pages.
The one on the right has a replica of a service station receipt.
I plan to record how many gallons, prices and how many miles we travel.
Just a few of the pages-I'll show more images when I have it finished.
I need to find our hotel reservation, finish packing, shower and get ready for the day...


Amy said...

The travel journal is so awesome! And I love the idea of making it before the trip -- who'd have thunk?! :) Maybe I should do one of these for our 5th anniversary "trip."

Cherie Wilson said...

Super duper fun Karin! Thanks for posting on my blog. Love your SheArt girl as well! I love how everyone has their own unique look. Sweet creative time to you dear lady!

thanks for stopping by...